‘Dead Man Riding East’

At last, after a lot of faffing about, editing, re-editing, and then having a genuine professional editor look at it (which means I had to then go through it and deal with the issues he’d raised) ‘Dead Man Riding East’ is out. Available as an ebook, from Amazon and available in a score of other formats as well.

Well I think it’s a good story, it follows Benor on the next of his travels, in which he has to cope with everything from demons to a wife.

And a quote

“Tillinhorne said, “Well if you’re looking for somewhere to stay tonight, try the house of Illantwich. He is throwing it open for a preview of the new season fashions. If you arrive late enough he’ll probably put you up.”
Alissa looked thoughtful, “Illantwich? How old is he?”
Tillinhorne shrugged, “He’d doubtless claim thirty, I’d guess forty. His mother, who swears she isn’t a day over thirty five, is a loyal customer of mine and I would not doubt her word under any circumstances.”
Benor looked at Alissa, “You know him?”
“I might do, fifteen years ago there was an Illantwich of about the right age.”
Iola leaned out through opening. “His house specialises in jackets and similar. Apparently he’s renowned for his choice of fabrics and his eye for colour.” She sniffed, “Personally I think he is known for being grossly self-opinionated”
Alissa nodded, “That could describe the Illantwich I knew, but being self opinionated is hardly a distinguishing mark in this town.”
Tillinhorne nodded sagely. “I would suggest that having a high opinion of oneself is the mark of a good citizen of Watersmeet. I am a fine fellow who sells the finest provender on either bank of the Lamaguire. My cousin may disagree with part of this, but then she prides herself in being the person in Watersmeet who is most difficult to impress. I have no doubt that a Watersmeet night soil collector will boast that he is the one with the dirtiest cart or the most disagreeable personal chife. We are citizens of a town distinguished by the distinguished nature of the people who deign to inhabit it.”
Benor sighed. “I am truly humbled by this opportunity to mix with such distinguished people.”
Tillinhorne tapped the front pony, which had stopped to browse. “Indeed humility is an area in which one might find the folk of Watersmeet lacking. It is good to meet such a distinguished practitioner.”

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