On-line spending frenzy

I have just been informed; (by Brenda who knows these things) that today there is expected to be ‘an on-line spending frenzy’. As it’s all due to happen between 8pm and 9pm and we will be out, I suppose I won’t be contributing. Yes I know you can now do the whole ‘spend spend spend’ thing on your phone but I’m impervious to that as well. My phone is a rudimentary thing which lives switched off and is doomed to spend its life as a substitute for a Verey pistol.”

So other than not spending money (something I do really well unless I find myself in a good second hand bookshop) what have I been doing? Let’s ignore the bits which involved a shovel and wheelbarrow, it lacks enchantment. Let’s concentrate, if only briefly, on the writing bits. I used to think that when you’ve written a book, that was it. Ha!
No, you have to update your Amazon author page (two of them as Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk don’t really talk to each other), blog about it, ‘facebook’ it, twitter it, make sure the people across on ‘Goodreads’ know about it, spam the world and Amazon.
And then you wait for the reviews to come in. In the good old days it wasn’t an issue, big league publishers have interns with nothing better to do than post glowing reviews on all the appropriate websites. Standards have fallen so much that some professional writers were forced to create false identities and use them to write their own reviews. But for those of us who decided that you have to draw the line somewhere, you have to wait for the real thing.
And now, I have the first review, and not just any review. There are some reviewers who have, over the years, created a reputation. They are known as honest. They are more than just reviewers; they are Patrons of the arts. They encourage, they help, they guide. When one of them recognises that you’ve written a good book, then it’s as good as winning an award.
What I’m trying to say, in a roundabout manner so it doesn’t sound too pompous, is that I’ve had a good review. And not just any good review, I’ve had a good review from Ignite, an Amazon Top 500 reviewer.
So get yourself along to
and read what the princess of all reviewers has said.
And then, given that now is the time for an on-line spending frenzy, you might even get round to buying the chuffing book as well!

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