Selling out!

Over the years I’ve said quite a lot of things about Tesco. Some of them printable. Indeed some of them have been printed. In one article in a farming magazine I advised ‘if you want to support Tesco, ask your wife to shop there. Don’t ask her to go out to work so that you can continue to sell your milk to Tesco at below the cost of production.’
I don’t think I’d classify it as a ‘love/hate’ relationship. Probably suspicion tinged with mild dislike on my part, and total unawareness of my existence on their part.
But suddenly I discover that I have an author page on Tesco. Go to and there you’ll see it in all its glory.

Somehow I always felt that selling out would feel different. At least you would have thought that it would involve people pouring money into my cupped hands until it started spilling and I had to catch it in my jumper. But then I suppose we are dealing with a major retailer here. If I wanted the Scrooge McDuck experience, I ought to have worked for them in senior management, not joined the ranks of their suppliers.

I was talking to one of the bright lads selling IT at our local Tesco and he said that he’d been told they were going to roll out ebook sales in-store at some point in the future. At the moment they’re tucked away on the website and most people don’t know about them. A lot has been written about the High Street fighting back against on-line retailers, perhaps the ‘out of town retail parks’ are also fighting back?

So we have ebooks in Tesco, what do we do next? Book signings near the bakery perhaps? Perhaps the area of the store would be themed to the book, romance near the ‘Health and Beauty’, Adventure near the ‘DIY and Car.’ Sci Fi would fit in perfectly with ‘Technology and Gaming’ and knowing my luck Fantasy would be stuck between ‘Baby and Toddler’ and ‘Home Electrical’. Still you never know, it might just work.

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