Look, just blow the chuffing whistle.

I might just start to rant again. Let’s hear it for our whistle-blowers. They’ve not been having too good a time. If we take the Mid Staffs hospital scandal; the whistle-blowers, the ones who have kicked up the fuss, who brought it to public attention have hardly been welcomed by the authorities, but those who ran the organisation have been promoted out of it.
If we don’t have someone willing to stand up and be counted, someone willing to witness or to blow the whistle, will anything change? I know a lady whose elderly father recently went into hospital. She discovered that the staff weren’t really interested in helping him to the toilet when he needed it. If there were ‘four little accidents’ then they could book him down as ‘incontinent’ which meant they could put him in nappies and it was so much less work for them.
She is blowing the whistle, writing to complain and copying the complaint to her MP as well. We shall see where her witness gets her.
But she is doing her duty, not merely as a Daughter, but as a Christian and as a Citizen. We have to blow the whistle, to speak truth unto power, to be truly prophetic.
But the great bureaucratic empires have always been like this. They tend to be run for the benefit of those running them, not for the poor oiks who have to use them. I saw in the paper, the Iceland chief executive Malcolm Walker blamed local authorities for buying the cheapest of meat. Now I don’t carry a torch for Iceland, it was seeing the quality of their frozen mince that drove me to organise buying decent quality meat for the Furness Homeless Shelter. Yet, he has a point. I can remember when I had just started the Grammar School, my Granddad took me to school one day (Lord alone knows why, I doubt it was something he ever did twice.) The school drive and the drive to the canteen met, and as he dropped me off, a van from some meat company was delivering. His comment was ‘I wouldn’t eat anything they sold; they buy all the poorest cull cows out of the mart.’
This is back in the 1970s so Local authorities buying the cheapest possible meat to put in front of children isn’t new, the Ministry of Defence does it, they all do it.
Now EU regulations are to be introduced that will impose strict limits on the amount of fat and collagen which can be included in minced beef and pork.
Lean beef mince can contain no more than 19% filler, while regular beef mince can have no more than 35% filler. The British government wants the EU to give us a derogation so that our supermarkets can continue to sell us ‘mince’ that is less than 50% meat.
We’ve long known that politicians aren’t willing to send their children to the schools they provide for our children, but I’d never realised just what contempt they hold us in.
According to at least some leading national politicians, the British people are too thick to be allowed to vote on something as important as EU membership in case we vote the wrong way.
Now we’re to be fed muck that isn’t legal to sell in the rest of the EU.
I think we need more whistleblowers, more people to prod authority firmly in the chest and tell it that some things are unacceptable in a civilised society.
Perhaps if the House of Commons restaurants were only allowed to serve school dinners produced by a school canteen chosen at random, we’d see the quality improve.
Perhaps if MPs had to send their children to a comprehensive school picked at random in their constituency, they’d take the education of our children seriously.


One thought on “Look, just blow the chuffing whistle.

  1. M T McGuire February 18, 2013 at 9:07 pm Reply

    I agree, they’re all arrogant bastards no matter which party they’re from.

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