Marks and Spencer knicker adverts

Now I cannot claim to have set out to be a connoisseur of M&S knickers, but a cruel and unkind fate as forced the role upon me. Still there are questions unanswered, for example, surely rosebuds just there cannot be comfortable?
Still I’m getting ahead of myself. Really this piece should be entitled something prosaic like ‘Who needs this technology stuff anyway, part two?’ But frankly I wouldn’t bother to read a piece with a title like that so I don’t see why you should.
Anyway, to finally get to the point, none of it is my fault. I hope that you believe me in this. It all came about because my Lady wife had a birthday. I remembered the birthday, and I bought her some stuff (Not M&S knickers in case you were wondering.) But youngest daughter also was looking for a present for her mum. After discussion, mother and daughter agreed that mum would like a nice pullover. They had a fun afternoon shopping (There is irony in this statement, neither is overly enthused at the idea of trailing round endless shops looking for clothes), but never actually bought a pullover.
Then we got an email from youngest daughter which said something along the lines of, ‘have you tried looking at (insert weblink here.)’ So lady wife clicked on the weblink and browsed the appropriate page. Didn’t see anything suitable, but decided (probably because she’d prized the keyboard away from me) to try M&S whilst she was at it. So she looked at M&S pullovers.
And that, she assures me, was that. She looked at the jumpers, didn’t particularly fancy any of them, switched off the computer and went to do something more interesting. Yet next morning when I started looking at various forums/fora/whatever, all the adverts were for M&S knickers.
Now I’m bad with adverts. I just never notice them. I can subconsciously screen them out. I can read a full newspaper from cover to cover and not be able to tell you anyone who advertised. I’m similarly gifted when it comes to the web. I don’t bother with ad-blocker software because, as it were, I’ve got it fitted personally as part of the default settings.
But endless knicker models parading across your screen is frankly distracting. Also they do raise many interesting questions, such as, it cannot be comfortable to have rosebuds just there?
So it has come as something of a relief that my good lady has been called upon to check up on the antecedents of someone buried in our churchyard. The knicker models have been replaced by adverts for genealogy websites which I can unthinkingly ignore.
It has been pointed out to me that this whole sorry episode does sum up my bad attitude towards advertising. Not only am I a bad person to advertise to, I’m totally pathetic when it comes to doing any advertising. After all I was told I had to create a blog to convince people to read the books I’ve written. No, scrub that, it’s to convince people to buy them. Reading them later would be nice, but it’s the buying that I’m supposed to be majoring on. (Not coming across as a bit mercenary at this point am I?)
At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if you were asking yourself ‘Books, what books?’
See what I mean? I’ve waffled on for over five hundred words and haven’t even mentioned the books. In fact scroll through the various blog posts and you’d probably struggle to find anything about them. As an advertiser I confess I’m in a class of my own.
Still if you are in anyway interested, have nothing better to do with your time you might want to click on the ‘About’ button. Or try

Oh, and there’s a third book out as well, a nice, stand-alone fantasy adventure, guaranteed no elves, dwarves or suchlike. It’s called ‘The Flames of the City’ and it has got one rather nice review which reads as follows.

This is Jim Webster’s third book and though it doesn’t carry on from the previous two it is set in the same fantasy world. We follow a young man named Freelor as he takes on a job to cover a winter time when he’s unable to get home, where he is due to marry. There are other sub-plots in this story and if you have read his earlier books, you will recognise the name of the city which falls and is destroyed by fire. One of the subplots concerns a shaman’s amulet worn by Freelor, which grows hot in the presence of the evil god Hkada whose followers are able to summon him. There are exciting battles and some serious temple raiding resulting in a possession by the god Hkada.

The story is a quest tale with Freelor leaving his usual haunts to undertake a journey to a temple where his friend, the academic Tolshin, hopes to find information about Hkada. It’s a fantasy classic and I particularly like some of Jim Webster’s phrases, for example, the merchant’s expression, “I keep my grandmother freshly washed and presentable, against the possibility of impulse buyers.” And the exchange between the soldier and his superior, “Just got my boots off for the first time for three days.” “Exotic pleasures of the flesh are reserved for officers. Get your boots fastened and get over here!”

A really good read!

2 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer knicker adverts

  1. M T McGuire March 7, 2013 at 9:08 pm Reply

    I’m afraid it’s because you were signed into gmail when they did their surfing so now Google ‘knows’ that you or at least someone using your computer has visited the M&S site and others and is showing you ads which are relevant to your browsing history.

    Scary huh?



    • jwebster2 March 7, 2013 at 9:17 pm Reply

      Ah but the scary thing is they think they’re so clever but actually they’re sending it all to the wrong person. All these people with serious algorithms are coining money because of the targeted nature of their advertising, and actually they’re not much more advanced that pushing a leaflet through the letterbox because there’s probably someone male in the house 🙂

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