Hopes, dreams or goldfish


I was going down to London a few days ago and sitting opposite me was a bunch of people from Glasgow and further west. Nice enough people, got on well enough with them. As they got off the train at Euston they all put ‘Yes’ stickers on. My betting is that nobody they met noticed never mind cared. Must be awfully difficult being cutting edge and ‘edgy’ when history has moved on.

Looking at the debris of September I was left wondering where we’ll be in twelve months. When it comes to the deal promised to the Scots, will an English parliament allow itself to be bound by the promises made by the Scots MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath? Should it be bound? One parliament cannot bind its successor.

It’s strange watching dreams and aspirations not so much die as be left wilting in a jar on the mantelpiece.

Yet for these people the whole thing was obviously still a living issue. I’m glad they didn’t try to talk to me about it, I’m afraid I’d probably have done the classic male thing, “Aren’t you supposed to call a girl friend and sit on the sofa together eating ice-cream from the tub and watching weepy movies or something.”

We move on, or rather the universe moves on and we can try to keep up with it if we want. I suppose that after a while we all start to fall behind. I confess to being a little torn, is this failure to ‘keep up’ a sign of maturity or are you just getting old.

Or is it just that as you get older you start seeing stuff in context and have a better idea of what is going on and how things fit together?

Like someone said to me, “The Russians are invading the Ukraine.” I’m afraid my first response was, “Hang on, the first Russian city was Kiev*, so who’s invading what?”

Perhaps it’s possible to see things in too broad a perspective?

At this point I will leave you to Douglas Adams and the Total Perspective Vortex


*Novgorod is a contender obviously


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