The joy of living amongst civilised people

Tallis Steelyard

I knew it was true; I had faith in my art and my muse. But still it is nice to have it confirmed by someone other than a chap I met in a tavern. It appears that in the dying hours of yesterday, as the special offer on ‘Lambent Dreams’ faded slowly into memory, I have regained fourth place amongst the greats.

Homer, yes I have read his work. If you want to a battle scene described, with all the piercing and slashing and gushing that this entails, then Homer is indeed your man.

Aristotl? Again I will not have a word said against him in my presence. A fine mind; no, a brilliant mind, but a philosopher rather than a poet, surely?

And Beowulf, again a master when it comes to sword play or descriptive passages redolent of the stench of foulness and dark deeds, let his name be…

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