A festival of drabbles!

At this point a fair proportion of the readership of this blog are scratching their heads and asking, “OK so what passing bandwagon has Jim jumped on now in a pathetic attempt to sell a few more books.”

Obviously I refute that suggestion; I do not jump on passing bandwagons. I would have you know that my attempts to sell books are premeditated, lovingly stage-managed, and timed to perfection. You wouldn’t believe the effort that goes into them. So you can see why I get sniffy when people talk sneeringly of bandwagons. My promotions are much applauded and universally unsuccessful.


But what’s this all got to do with a festival of drabbles? What is a drabble? A drabble is a story, or piece of fiction, or something similar, which is exactly 100 words long.

That first bit you just read, finishing with the words ‘universally unsuccessful’  was a drabble. Count the words if you don’t believe me. Don’t worry; we’ll all wait whilst you take your shoes and socks off.

Come on, in your own time.

But anyway the thing about drabbles is that they tend to have a twist in the tail. Here’s another one.

At last, I’m free. A great burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Now I can go out there and look the world in the face, a free man. My chains have fallen off and I’m no longer constrained by the shackles others have bound me with.

No, that’s wrong. They are shackles I’ve bound myself with. I’m the one who has so loving forged them and fitted them but now they’re gone. No more desperately trying to achieve the impossible. Finally one simple revelation has liberated me. I’m a husband, automatically, what ever I do, I’m in the wrong.

Get the idea now. Well when Michael Brookes mentioned the idea of a festival of drabbles, I was quite taken with the idea. So I said I’d do my bit to publicise it.

Michael has set up a Facebook page where you can find out more


Here’s the link to his blog and the timetable for the event


Just go there and follow the links. You’ll find all sorts of stories. Some will be funny, some poignant, some dark, some asking questions far bigger that you’d expect to find in a 100 word story.

My guess, indeed my hope, is that at the end of this week, you’ll have read some stories which stick with you for a long time. But even more that that, I think you’ll discover a lot of cracking good writers who can tell a great story in exactly 100 words.

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