Card play

Tallis Steelyard

There was a time when I used to play quite a lot of cards. I look back and think to my self that I wasn’t a bad player, just handicapped by a paucity of funds and an anxious craving to eat at least two meals a day.

But I would spend quite a lot of time in the ‘Vagabond’s purse.’ It was, and still is, one of the better inns. The food is uniformly good, and in winter the various snugs and common rooms pleasantly cosy. I had an informal arrangement with the landlord that I could sit all day in the common room, read or write to pass the time, and if a gentleman wished for someone to partake of a hand or two of cards, I would oblige. Indeed on the good days I was even fed, especially if they had something left over. Many the times I’ve…

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