Requested to perform by a lady, a guest post by Tallis Steelyard

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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I have always had a passion for the subtle language of the fan, often a lady’s most formidable weapon. In this instance, it was enough to bring the inimitable Tallis, a poet of some renown, to my domain.  Every once in a while you come across a writer whose work instantly appeals. Perhaps it is the use of language and how it is shaped, perhaps the subtle humour or the nonchalance with which a fully formed world springs from their pen. Let me introduce you to my guest…

Requested to perform by a lady.

Yes indeed, it is I, Tallis Steelyard who takes the liberty of laying these few simple words before you.

When a lady but flutters her fan, I am instantly there by her side to provide her with my wit, my wisdom and my verse.

And I’ll have less of the knowing smiles and sly…

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