The Mudfold and Cockeren Feud: from the pen of Tallis Steelyard

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The tale is freshly penned, the ink barely dry and the tale as yet unpublished… and it is with inordinate delight that I once again welcome that renowned, if impecunious poet of Port Naain, Tallis Steelyard, as my guest, with a cautionary tale on the unexpected dangers of patronage and the inadvisability of fishing for gold…

chandlersThe Mudfold and Cockeren Feud

Part One

I may have intimated before that I have dealt with many patrons, ladies and gentlemen, and at times have had a number of patrons simultaneously. This is a truly admirable situation to find oneself in, except on those occasions when two patrons fall to arguing, and in some cases these arguments can reach the intensity of a feud.

As an example, nay as a dire warning of how bad things can get, I shall recount for you what I can remember of the Mudfold and Cockeren feud.

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