The Mudfold and Cockeren Feud-part 2 by Tallis Steelyard

The story, such as it is, continues. Is there no propriety any more? What happened to decorum, rectitude or even common civility? There are times when one begins to despair

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The second part of the scandalous story of the feuding ladies of Port Naain, told by Tallis Steelyard, a poet of that city…

The Mudfold and Cockeren Feud

Part Two

I did at the time entertain hopes that the feud might just fade quietly away, but I’d not allowed for the tenacity with which the two ladies clung to it. It seemed to become the centre around which their lives orbited. An example of how this sad situation drew in other, entirely innocent parties is the occasion when Madam Mudfold had some success in the field of fashion.

This probably needs more explanation. Madame Mudfold herself was a short lady; her friends would call her slim, her detractors would perhaps say skinny. In reality she was one of those ladies who are a bundle of energy, always doing something, perhaps a little prone to worrying overmuch. Not being one to…

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