Poets, beauty and truth



It has to be said that poets seem to regard spending time in the company of an editor with the same enthusiasm as a tom cat looks forward to a trip to the vets. Listen to the fuss they make about it and you’d begin to suspect it was for the same reason.

Still at last I have done it. The first short collection of Tallis Steelyard prose is now available for purchase by a discerning public. Given that they have, so I am assured, been clamouring for the opportunity for some time, I am not so much promoting this august work as merely broadcasting a public service announcement.

So what do you get if you purchase a copy of ‘Tallis Steelyard, shower me with gold and other stories?’ Well the obvious answer is that this slim volume presents the wit, wisdom and jumbled musings of Tallis Steelyard.

For those who wish to know more, then this slim novella contains over twenty chapters of varying lengths. They cover topics ranging from ‘One Truly Exceptional Bowel Movement’ through to the rather more erudite ‘The Ballard of Stagbold Keep.’  Then again which budding poetaster could turn down an opportunity to have the advice of the master permanently on hand? Thus and so ‘How to make a living as a Poet’ will be essential reading for many.


Available for purchase from Amazon around the world.






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