Blog Tour: Jim Webster’s ‘Keeping body and soul together’ (‘Port Naain Intelligencer’ collection).


Rescuing random strangers on a whim may be the good deed for the day, but will Benor survive the blood feud he has unwittingly become part of. More importantly can he buy back the victim’s soul?

Today I’m giving my blog over to Tallis Steelyard (The jumbled musings of Tallis Steelyard) talking about Jim Webster’s new book: “Keeping Body and Soul Together.

“This Webster chap was moaning about having to do a blog tour, and I decided that I’d do the sensible thing. That is, I’d sound vaguely sympathetic, nod wisely, and then back away slowly without making eye contact, leaving him to get on with it.
Frankly he dumps far too much in my lap.
But then I looked at the names of the people he was including in the tour and realised that Christoph was involved in the Llandeilo Litfest. Well obviously I love literary festivals. Indeed…

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