Strengthening the food chain with hypocrisy?

During first lockdown, behind the scenes, major retailers performed logistical miracles. I’m not somebody who is prone to praise them, but in spite of ridiculous levels of panic buying (There are people out there who won’t need to buy toilet paper for another couple of years) the retailers managed to keep the show on the road. During lockdown I got the job of doing the shopping and so experienced it at ‘the sharp end’. I knew a chap who worked in our local small supermarket (one of a major chain) and I asked him how things were going. Apparently the store manager was on the edge of meltdown. Every day his job is to send to the depot a list of stuff they’ve sold so will need replacements for. Every day the depot fulfils the list and sends him stuff.

During that first lockdown, the stuff they sent him was sometimes on his list. He was told to, basically, just sell what he got. But this manic period didn’t last long and I wouldn’t know how many people noticed (other than when the vultures descended on toilet paper or whatever today’s scare was.)

But the food chain is more than just the supermarkets. What else is happening? Well frankly, not as much as I would hope. I (like most other farmers) got a letter from George Eustice, secretary of state for the environment, food and rural affairs. He lays out what his department has done. To be fair they’ve delayed the introduction in the regulations on the change of use of urea fertiliser. (Whether anybody who hasn’t already bought it can afford it is a moot point.) Also they have issued ‘Statutory guidance to the Environment Agency so that autumn spreading of slurry and other farm yard manures will be permitted under the farming rules for water. Let us not beat about the bush, the farming rules for water were badly drawn up and pen pushers in the department were adopting a remarkably silly interpretation of them which ignored totally the real world. But that is par for the course with bureaucracies. So we have two measures here where government has stepped back from making things gratuitously worse.

The rest of the letter, the vast majority of it, is about environmental schemes. I’ve looked at the schemes, I couldn’t take part in them without reducing food production. It seems that for the environmental lobby industry it’s still full steam ahead with regard making us a major food importer.

On a general note, the steps taken with regard to energy look more positive, so government policy seems to boil down to you having the energy to cook the food you can no longer buy.

As what is the rest of parliament done. Well it’s marinating itself in sanctimonious hypocrisy. The rest of the world may have heard of the scandal called party gate? Boris probably broke lockdown rules. I was talking to another chap in the agricultural engineers. Given we just worked through the entire period, we gave up even trying to work out what the rules were because they changed so regularly and were remarkably convoluted and at times silly. (At one point in one village you could drink in one pub on one side of the street but the pub on the other side of the street had to stay shut because it was in Wales and the first was in England. Because covid knows!) Yes, our bureaucracy is that inept.
Apparently the whole party gate thing is shocking, because Boris mislead parliament. Yet his main attacker, Keir Starmer, campaigned to make Jeremy Corbyn prime minister, telling us what an excellent choice he was. Then when the election was lost, kicked him out of the party for anti-Semitism and various other things. And he has the gall to call anybody else a liar.

But the problem is, with world food prices rising steadily and energy prices about to go through the roof; the grown-ups are pointing out this winter is going to be very difficult in the UK and disastrous for many parts of the world. Yet the muppets in parliament are wasting everybody’s time trying to be more sanctimonious than thou. It would be nice if they grew up and smelled the coffee.

Talking about coffee, interestingly, the two Costa coffee shops in this town both ran out of coffee yesterday. The day before, one of the national sandwich chains couldn’t send their shops in this area the sandwich fillings they normally would so they didn’t have sandwiches. The day before that our supermarket had only one sort of orange. (I know, first world problems here.)
But as I said at the start, our food chain employs excellent logistics people. Is ‘just in time’ becoming ‘just too late?’ Have we had three days of random chance or are we starting to see cracks appearing? There are other signs that things are under stress, More than 1,500,000 UK subscribers cancelled their Netflix, Disney+ and Now TV subscriptions in the last three months. This at least has been on the cards for some time. Back in January, KPMG did a survey of consumers. Back then, before things got really sticky, 32% of consumers plan to cut back on their household spending this year. The main savings appear to be,

“Spending less on eating out was the most common answer (55%) amongst those consumers looking to reduce their 2022 household spending and half aim to spend less on clothing, rising to 59% amongst women polled. This was followed by 49% who said they would cut down on takeaway orders.”

Apparently, according to the BBC, makeup sales have taken a hit as well. Obviously the pandemic had an impact but there hasn’t been much sign of improvement. Kantar analysed the market and their research shows a 19% fall in make-up sales since 2019.

Yes, we’re very much into First World Problems. On the BBC webpage which had the makeup story there was a picture of hungry Afghan children, where there’s no money and the world is too busy with the Ukraine to remember them. This winter will probably see serious hunger in many parts of the world. Pray for good Northern and Southern Hemisphere harvests this year. Because looking at what governments are doing, it’s the only thing that will save people.


There again, never confuse me with somebody who knows what they’re talking about. As an expert.

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20 thoughts on “Strengthening the food chain with hypocrisy?

  1. Jack Eason April 22, 2022 at 4:05 am Reply

    Not all of them. When Tesco was raided daily by the panic buyers, they ignored the oldie online shoppers like myself. So I gave them the flick in favour of Iceland, who I still buy from…

    • jwebster2 April 22, 2022 at 4:37 am Reply

      In our local Tesco they did set aside an hour, between 9am and 11am ( I cannot remember just which hour of the two) and kept to it so it could well have been a local manager

  2. robbiesinspiration April 22, 2022 at 4:27 am Reply

    Hi Jim, I always enjoy these political commentary posts of yours. It is nice that you can criticize your government for its stuff ups. There is no freedom of speech where I live, even though our government is proved each and every day to be totally corrupt and can’t even keep the lights on. Your problems might be first world, but when the first world sneezes the developing countries catch flu so it impacts on us all.

    • jwebster2 April 22, 2022 at 4:39 am Reply

      We have a duty, if we have free speech to use it. But more importantly we have a duty, where we can produce food, to produce it. I get so irritated by people who want to rewild and just export hunger so they can experience a smug glow of satisfaction ;-(

  3. Eddy Winko April 22, 2022 at 5:41 am Reply

    I did wonder in Boris’s visit to India was to get first dibs on the grain harvest to make sure his dad could still have a pint.

    • jwebster2 April 22, 2022 at 6:06 am Reply

      We’re not too bad from grain. Whilst our summers mean we’re unlikely to grow the best milling wheat, over the last hundred plus years we’ve got used to mixing in American Hard Red milling wheat to bring the standard up.
      It’s things like chickpeas and similar we import from India, letting the entitled take food from the mouths of the third world 😦

      Bitter? Cynical? me? 😦

  4. rootsandroutes2012 April 22, 2022 at 7:21 am Reply

    I’m just amazed that you even noticed when Costa ran out of coffee. I certainly didn’t, and there’s very little chance that I ever would.

    • jwebster2 April 22, 2022 at 7:35 am Reply

      Some of us keep our eyes on the big indicators. 😉
      one chain has had no Salad or eggs for sandwich fillings for at least three days now
      Both are things which could rapidly become scarce because of energy costs

      • rootsandroutes2012 April 22, 2022 at 9:22 am

        You mean the sandwich chains use real eggs in their egg sandwiches???

      • jwebster2 April 22, 2022 at 12:01 pm

        Rumour has it 🙂

  5. Cathy Cade April 22, 2022 at 8:54 am Reply

    And the media keep banging on about irrelevancies, trying to stoke up interest in the same old, same old… (politics and celebrities). Can we move on, please?
    (And where’s James Bond when the world needs him?)

  6. Stevie Turner April 22, 2022 at 11:43 am Reply

    I’m sick of hearing about whether MPs did or did not have lockdown parties. Why don’t they just run the country and stop trying to get one over on each other?

    • jwebster2 April 22, 2022 at 12:01 pm Reply

      Perhaps it would be hard work 😦

  7. M T McGuire April 25, 2022 at 11:00 am Reply

    Enjoyed this and found myself nodding a lot. I am pretty sick to death with all MPs. I do tend to approach my politics as a Christian which means that, in many ways, I’m an absolutely raving socialist but also that, in most ways, I’m at odds with political thought. I would always think that self sufficiency, or as close to it as possible, is the way to go.

    As for partygate etc, I think they are all posturing and huffing about shite to try and distract us from the bald truth that they haven’t a blind clue what to do.

    • jwebster2 April 25, 2022 at 12:34 pm Reply

      Yes, shouting to avoid hearing the still small voice asking questions they have no answer for

      • M T McGuire April 25, 2022 at 4:05 pm

        Totally. There’s not a shred of integrity among them it seems.

      • jwebster2 April 25, 2022 at 4:21 pm

        I don’t think it was ever put in the job spec to be honest 😦

    • alphaandomega21 May 19, 2022 at 3:59 pm Reply

      More I think to distract us from what they ARE doing.

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