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The way is shut


They’ve shut the main road to resurface it. Signs were put up a week or so back to ensure that people knew and could take the diversion. Did this fine example of Highway’s forward planning work? Well sort of.

Our lane (single track, and would have grass growing down the middle were it not winter so we have mud down the middle) has been blessed by an assortment of visitors.

There have been grim faced white van drivers who know this is a swift short cut to avoid the road works. We have serious ladies driving four by fours with stickers on the side proclaiming the firm that has hired the vehicle. We have the illiterate and the just plain lost.

So far it’s not too bad. They’re attempting to come through in dribs and drabs, so perhaps the warnings have been heeded.

But already we have seen a fair range of individuals. Like the chap who, rather than wait for me to shut the gate and fasten it, before I got on the quad and drove off, decided to drive past.

Now obviously the paint work on the quad trailer isn’t something I worry about too much, but had he bent anything I would have been a little miffed. But still, by running one wheel half way up the dike cop he managed to squeeze through and saved himself a full twenty seconds.

Then there have been those bemused individuals who stop you and their opening words are “Excuse me but….”

Yep, they’ve ventured down the lanes and they’re lost already. Then there are the others who just sit in their car and glare at you because you’ve got the audacity to be travelling on the same lane as them. Finally you get the helpless or hapless who just follow the first vehicle they see on the assumption it must surely know the way out. This is not necessarily true when the vehicle in question is a quad bike pulling a trailer full of silage.

But still, we’ve got several days of this, who knows what we will be blessed with.


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