The Tsarina Sector

Welcome to Tsarina, where just scraping by has been elevated to a form of government.

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When somebody shoots down a documentary maker, what are they covering up? Haldar Drom of the Governor’s Investigation Office on Tsarina finds himself dealing with illegal population control drugs, genetic engineers, starmancers, and the risk of brushfire wars. Who knows how far up the chain of command the corruption reaches?
You use what you can get, allies in unusual places, reconnaissance by journalist, or a passing system defence boat.

From Amazon as paperback or kindle

From everybody else as an ebook

Who is encouraging a nasty little insurgency in the Delta, and why? Also who is supplying the insurgents and how? How many of Tsarina’s autonomous communities are being destabilised? With plenty of excellent questions and a shortage of answers, Haldar Drom has few people he can send to investigate. Another case for reconnaisance by journalist? After all, how dangerous can it get?

And from Amazon in paperback or on kindle

And from everybody else as an ebook

A reasonably honest insurance loss adjuster and a traffic cop are forced to go on the run, All because a space pirate and his criminal organisation want them dead. Safety of a sort can be found on Tsarina but before they can get there they want to find the information that will lead to them be welcomed there with open arms.
On a not entirely welcoming world, they find themselves being used as pawns in somebody else’s no-limits chess game.
The universe is a dangerous place for a wandering musician.

And from Amazon as a paperback or on kindle

And from everybody else as an ebook

In the final book in the series, war breaks out as Tsarina’s enemies finally strike. One of them wishes to conquer, the other merely wishes to sterilise a continent to be on the safe side. With rogue nanotech, enemies who may no longer be considered ‘properly human’ and subversion and corruption from within, things are starting to get complicated. Can Haldar Drom steer a path through unpaid mercenaries, night club singers, pirates, and rogue nanotech. Everything goes better when you add a few more marines.

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