The essence of true humility

Tallis Steelyard


I suppose there is a danger I will be accused of becoming obsessed with the fact that artists are inadequately appreciated. So I felt that I should perhaps give an example of the opposite.

It could be fifteen years back now; Sarl Onwater had gained the Sinecure supporting the literary arts. Those of my generation will remember what a difference he made. Previously those who had purchased this duty would restrict themselves to putting on something of an ‘event’ where a handful of artists would be paid a reasonable sum to come along and give a recitation of their works. The sinecurist responsible would ensure that there was an excellent dinner, fine wines, and considerable social cachet in attending. They would then sell tables to those with more money than literary understanding. Indeed it was reckoned that with luck you could even turn a profit on the event.

Old Sarl…

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