Funny old world



You know what they say, “The sooner you fall behind the more time you’ll have to catch up.”

Hopefully today it’ll be right because I’ve spent most of it doing things that need doing but which weren’t even to be considered when I bounded cheerfully out of bed this morning. (Before you ask, yes I am a morning person. Milking cows for thirty years can reset anybody’s personal alarm clock.)

Still I was busy really. Had to check lambs, and whilst I was there I intended to cut some ivy that I’d noticed choking a tree and then I’d break up some logs and carry them back. Which all meant I had an axe with me, obviously.

And as I set off up the field this white van towing a trailer stopped and two chaps got out and walked into our yard.

This isn’t usual, or encouraged so I wandered back to find out what was happening. The felling axe clasped casually in one hand was a mere incidental.

As I passed their van I noticed cockles in the trailer. So if they’re cocklers, they might not even speak English. Ah well. It’s not an easy job, it’s a dangerous world out there

But they saw me and came back. This is where it’s useful not to jump to conclusions. They were two biggish chaps, and they were seriously hacked off with a genuine grievance. They’d had a trailer nicked the previous night. Someone in a blue Landrover with a white top had driven off with it, and had gone down our lane.

Problem with this is that it isn’t a dead end, you come out the other end and you can drive into town. Their trailer is probably somewhere in Barrow by now.

So if you know someone with a Blue Landrover who has just acquired a battered five to six foot trailer, with its drawbar replaced with heavy box section steel, and the back gate replaced by two sections of scaffolding pole, they’ve probably nicked it.

When I last saw them these two lads were going to the police and to have a word with various scrap yards in case someone tries to cash it in. But they were also going to have a quiet drive round various parts of town, just keeping their eyes open.

I hope they find their trailer, but I don’t think they are disposed to be particularly forgiving of the person who took it.


Some people will take anything!

As a reviewer commented, “we again follow Benor and watch and feel as though we take part in his hectic life. He both pursues and is pursued when he `liberates’ a prince’s concubine (and keeps her!) and the prince, naturally, doesn’t want to let the matter rest. As well as being an excellent fighter, one of his companions on the journey is a master of the haute couture trade and manages to combine these two rather successfully.

Jim Webster has created a credible fantasy world here, populated by its own races, both rivals and allies, and with an intriguing group of wild creatures which you can almost taste when they are described as food species! There is a good deal of action in this book but also some softer, `Ahhh!’ moments which I won’t describe for fear of spoiling the story. Needless to say, he has once again used his own writing style to give us some wonderfully memorable phrases. I like his style and his gentle humour.”

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4 thoughts on “Funny old world

  1. M T McGuire October 10, 2014 at 4:25 pm Reply

    I’ve done nothing that I was supposed to do today but a lot of interesting and weird things have cropped up out of nowhere and filled the time. I’m knackered now.



    • jwebster2 October 10, 2014 at 10:11 pm Reply

      Been an interesting day, late afternoon and evening were spent getting everything set up for these guys who put on a concert in our church.

      We sold out, capacity crowd of 100. A cracking night.

  2. rootsandroutes2012 October 10, 2021 at 5:16 am Reply

    I don’t remember reading this, which for reasons of their own WordPress have re-posted this morning (I probably wasn’t reading your blog back then). I do remember the concert you mention in the comments, though. It was indeed a cracking night, but as a newcomer I was very aware of the issues with the building which helped point us where we’re going next week.

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